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Members of the 29th Aviation Brigade conducted a Military Exchange to Germany during June 12-25, 1999. The highly successful mission to Germany was accomplished by fifty eight members of the Maryland Army National Guard. The leader was CPT Ray Williams of the 1-158 Cavalry. The main purpose was to develop a better understanding between NATO partners and create a stronger alliance. The events in Bosnia and Kosovo underscore the significance of cooperation between allied military forces. This exchange was one of several that have been arranged since 1995.

The main group arrived at the Cologne-Bonn airport by C141 and promptly unloaded baggage.

The next step was to board busses and vans for remaining travel to final destinations. Two groups were formed. One group of nine went with MAJ Guster, pictured below with the beard, to Roth and the larger group continued on to Augustdorf.

The beginning and end of the trip for the larger group was in Bonn.

Schedule for the group in Augustdorf basically follows:
  • Physical fitness activities
  • Briefings on Personnel and Panzer Training
  • Reception with the Mayor of Augustdorf
  • Visit to the German Armor and Aviation Schools
  • Meeting with Directors of Police Academy and Regional Govenment
  • Presentation at NCO Academy
  • Visit with Mayor of Munster
  • Reception by the Prince of Lippe
  • Visit to Chief of German Reservists in Augustdorf
  • Liaison Activities at Kaserne
  • Meeting with members of Parliment and Ministery of Defense
  • Tour of historic locations along the Rhein from Cologne to Konigswinter

Special thanks go out to hosts: COL Lenuweit, LTC Iburg, LTC Nolte, MAJ Moller, CPT Hartel and 1LT Schneider

Schedule for group in Roth basically follows:

  • Visit to Grafenwehr Range to observe HOT Missile firing from BO-105 helicopters
  • Briefings and tour of the flight line at 261 Aviation Regiment
  • Travel to Oberstaufen for mountain climbing and physical training
  • Weapons qualification with pistols and machine guns
  • Visit to historic locations in Nurnberg and Schwabach
  • Cultural activity at nearby locations
  • Helicopter flight from Roth through Bavaria and down the Rheine River to Cologne
  • Helicopter flight from Cologne to Augustdorf and return to Roth via BO-105s
  • Debriefings and continued orientation with aviation procedures
  • Visit to Munich
Shown below are some of the German Helicopter Pilots.
Special thanks to: COL Hammrich, MAJ Rudorfer, MAJ Guster, CPT Bauer and CPT Rubensdoerfer (Not pictured, but extraordinary hosts)


ALL who participated saw real VALUABLE TRAINING

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