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The 1st Squadron 158th Cavalry was presented with the Unit of the Year Award from Don Hirst of Salute Magazine. The annual award is sponsored by Geico. Don makes the presentation to Cav Commander, MAJ Ron Price, as the SGM looks on.

The Cav Squadron is justifiably proud.
And, the Cav had just received the prestigious Kerwin Award from General Dennis Reimer at the AUSA Convention in October 1998.

Cav Sergeant Major Michael O'Connell reads the awards as individuals, like CPT Arnie Russo, are recognized. These images were taken during the annual Cavalry Holiday Meal and Awards Ceremony at the Annapolis Armory.

The soldiers from Troop A were presented with the coveted SPURS of the Cavalry.

While the spurs are not so much for riding horses, they do represent a distinction for someone who can manage horsepower, whether it is HUMMWV or a Cobra helicopter.

Many awards were presented and substantial amounts of food were consumed at the traditional get-together for the Cav members and their families.

The families enjoy the opportunity to participate in unit functions. Families of Guard members are also recognized for their sacrifices and support. Members of the National Guard serve to maintain combat ready status and the families learn what it means.

CW4 Dan Coates holds the statue presented to CW2 Steve Stolarczyk (at left) for his response to an actual emergency situation in the AH-1F helicopter while flying near Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia. He was recognized for his calm approach and correct procedures. "Star" was also chosen as "King Cobra" for the second straight year.

Realistic training is a tradition in the 1st Squadron 158th Cavalry.

That is what Cavalry is all about.

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