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The 1st Squadron 158th Cavalry

We salute the efforts of all the forces involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Our unit was not called to deploy, but four of our aviators volunteered for mobilization. The remaining members of our unit have continued to train in order to be ready when called. The remarkable live television coverage of the war has given new meaning to term, "Reality TV." People can now begin to relate to the dedication and sacrifice demonstrated by members of the military. As part of the U.S. Army, we have known this all along. It is still inspiring to see what can be done with good training and equipment.

Members of our unit are PROUD of service for our country.

We have a heritage to uphold. We look forward to the future even as we reflect upon events in the past.

The Last Flight of Army AH-1 Cobras in Maryland

The photo above was during the last week of September 2001.

The Cobras are missed. They are especially misssed when we see other Cobras, of the U.S. Marines, rolling in on targets during the TV coverage of the War in Iraq. Back here in Maryland, 1-158th aviators fly the OH-58.

The primary weapons system remaining in the unit is the TOW missile.

Along with the 50 caliber machine-gun, the MK-19, the M-60 and the small arms carried by individuals, the Cav will continue to train in order to be able to perform their mission. The weapons are not necessarily as significant as the capabilities to spot enemy by using a variety of sophisticated techniques. The Cavalry normally provides reconnaissance and security for other larger units.

Most of the guys (shown above) were in Bosnia. They have been trained for years to accomplish important missions. The photo was taken after the 29th Infantry Division Squad Competition. The 1st Squadron 158th Cavalry always scores highly in competitive events. War is the ultimate competition.

All of us in the 1-158th Cavalry Squadron are dedicated to the mission.

This Squadron was selected as the best combat unit in the US Army Reserve Components for the years 1995 and 1997.

By the end of December 1999, the Squadron had no flyable aircraft. Unit members continued to wonder how this situation could have come about. Unit members have held online discussions regarding this and other topics of military interest.

We do not dwell on the past. We prepare for the future.

The unit constantly seeks qualified individuals for openings within the organization. The Squadron phone number in Annapolis is 410-974-7400. Email inquiries can be directed to AirCav@iyacyas.com

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